The Tallboys are probably the finest rec league softball team there  ever  was.
 Quoteful was a self-initiated (with Missy Shana) inspirational poster project.
 Lazaruk Wealth Management, Northstar Design & Construction.
 Proactive Infrastructure Consulting is a project & design management, owner’s engineer, and technical advisory services firm.
 Sub-brands for Two Pharmacy, a Southern Alberta community-minded pharmacy.
 indieKIDS is an online retailer of gender neutral threads, goods and spaces. 
 Finding You Image Consulting, Outfitter Foods.
 The Goodtime Specials are a band that plays a ruckus and sometimes rambling blend, of original, alternative country.
 R Guitars, Flush & Plumb Framing Inc.
 Mafia Squirrel is an upstart board and card game company.
 Stratice Consulting is a project advisory, program/project management, and corporate development firm.
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